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October 24, 2023

New on theLoop: Advice for Imaging USA first-timers & more!

TheLoop presents a vibrant community of photographers eager to share their wisdom. This month, we reached out to our members seeking advice for those attending Imaging USA for the first time. The responses we received were insightful! In other posts, members shared their thoughts on subjects ranging from wardrobe choices for shoots to the value charging what you’re worth! Dive into our latest posts to discover more.


Have you attended Imaging USA before? We want to hear from you!
Imaging USA veterans joined in on this post to share their top tips for the convention. The most popular advice: register for a pre-convention class. These small, specialized classes are a great way to invest in yourself and take your learning to the next level. Pre-convention classes give you the chance to connect with your instructor, ask questions, and dive in deep to all you’ll learn. The next big piece of advice shared here is to be prepared to network. Get ready to meet tons of likeminded photographers, make new friends, and learn from fellow professionals.

Dress for Success
Member Charlie Whitescarver started a conversation about how professional photographers should dress for their sessions. This post began a lively discussion on dressing for the weather, matching a client’s theme for an event, wearing a tuxedo at a wedding, and whether photographers should wear any type of uniform while on the job. Ultimately, most members agreed photographers should look professional and presentable, but also keep comfort in mind. Many members also shared that wearing all black allowed them to blend into the crowd, and look put together, while still having the freedom to choose comfortable options, such as Sketchers and a polo shirt.


Working for Free?
This Looper shared an experience in following up on an advertisement seeking a photographer and being told she’d be expected to volunteer her time—despite the event advertisement not stating it was a volunteer role. She turned them down, stating that doing the job at no cost would not be fair to her paying clients, but she is seeking advice on how fellow members would handle a situation where they were expected to work for free and it was not stated up front.  

Learning the Right Way
Henri Brownell created this post to gather tips on improving his photography education, honing his craft, and elevating his business skills. He wants to shoot photography for a living and wants to know the best way to reach his desired level of success. Members in the comments shared tons of advice, on accessing education and business resources on, watching photography-focused videos on YouTube, connecting with a Community Network, attending Imaging USA and more.


Setting Your Day Rate
This post was created by a Looper who needed advice on quoting a day rate for his services. Members rallied together in the comments to answer his questions, share their strategies, and talk theoretically about their pricing structures. This type of post can serve as a great resource for members who have also wondered how to set a day rate or how to set prices for their work.