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February 24, 2022

NEW Member Resource: Photographer’s Guide to Communicating with Clients

Whether you’re writing an email or talking to a client in person, a big part of being a professional photographer is knowing what words to use—and when to use them. After all, making your photography clients happy means doing more than simply creating beautiful images. You need to ensure they have a great experience before, during, and after their session with you.

Choosing the right language elevates your craft above simply "snapping a photo." It shows clients that you're an expert who knows how to communicate. And that, in turn, will put them at ease when it comes time to step in front of your camera, and it helps them know exactly what to expect in terms of image delivery and product offerings.

Download the Photographer's Guide To Communicating With Clients today and learn:

  1. The connotations behind common photography words and phrases
  2. How these terms add to (or take away) from your business
  3. How to adapt your vocabulary to match your unique brand

Remember: the difference between terms is often subtle, but its effect on consumers can be profound. By using the right vocabulary for your business, you can build trust with your clients and help them see you as the creative entrepreneur that you are.

Download the guide today to get started!