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May 08, 2023

New Member Discount: 10% Off Frio Lighting Setups

PPA is thrilled to announce a new member discount for our photography members, courtesy of our corporate member, Frio

Frio provides lighting tools that are great for creating lighting setups on the go. Their intuitive kits and setups are ready to use out of the package and require no manuals or practicing. Frio’s mounts and kits are versatile and can help photographers light the most challenging environments. Whether you’re shooting a wedding, a live music gig, or an action-packed sporting event, cold shoe mounts combined with Frio setups help you illuminate dark spaces to get the best results without the use of heavy, cumbersome equipment. A cold shoe is a universal bracket that allows photographers to mount their equipment in virtually limitless ways.

As a member of our community, you’ll save 10% on all purchases from Frio. Start shopping today! View the other discounts you receive as a PPA member, here