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March 09, 2020

What’s New in PPA’s Certification Department? Learn More about the New “PPA Certified” Logo, “See the Difference” Marketing Brochures and Inspirational Content for CPP Candidates

Get Inspired with the Latest New Content from PPA's Certification Department


Are you wondering what PPA’s certification department has been up to? We have the latest news from PPA’s Director of Certification Julia Boyd on everything new happening with  certification this year. Your “PPA Certified” logo has been updated to better match PPA’s new logo design. You can grab this new design of the “PPA Certified” logo  if you need to update your online branding.  As a Certified Professional Photographer, you understand that branding is everything–now the promotional material that you use to show off your CPP credentials can look sleek, modern, and new, just like PPA’s new logo.

The Certification Department will be pushing out new inspirational videos around April which will be all about motivating you to follow your dreams and declare your candidacy. A new informational eBook will also be published to the website that will further inspire members to pursue their CPP. This eBook will be a resource for members to use if they’re curious about the CPP or if they want to take a look at our educational materials. Along with these new additions, your “See the Difference” marketing brochures have also gotten a refresh!

Don't Be Afraid to Declare Your Candidacy!
We hope you’ve enjoyed getting some updates from PPA’s hardworking certification department! If you’ve been curious about the CPP but hesitant to declare your candidacy, don’t let fear get in your way! Get informed with these resources and discover why you should become a Certified Professional Photographer.