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October 06, 2017

New Copyright Bill in Congress, The Trick to Making Your Photos Fine Art, and Why You Should Consider Adding a Drone to Your Gear: Our Top Blog Posts for October 1 - 5

round up.jpgTemperatures are finally cooling and the leaves are changing! It's about time, right? So grab your tablet, sit outside and enjoy the weather with our top blog posts from around the web this week.

The New Small Claims Bill is Finally Here! It's Time to Support It

COPYRIGHT: The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! Two representatives have introduced the bill that will make it so much easier to protect your work and recover damages if your work is infringed upon! Learn more on PPA Today, and find out why you need to urge your representatives to co-sponsor it today!


An In-Person Sales Road Map For Photographers

SALES: Photographer Julia Kelleher decided to ditch a digital-only model for in-person sales. Find out how this helped her more than triple her average sales and build the upscale, boutique-style studio she always wanted, on


[VIDEO] Pricing, Marketing & Social Best Practices for Photographers!

PHOTOVISION: PhotoVision offers a unique, unprecedented photography education experience. This article gives you an overview of new PhotoVision videos you can't afford to miss!


Tips for Lighting Bald Subjects:

PORTRAITURE: Trying to get rid of the head glare on your bald subject in Photoshop is not exactly an easy task. But according to the author of this article, you won't have to stress if you use these lighting tips.


5 Simple Hacks for More Creative Images:

CREATIVITY: Those creative ideas that seem nearly impossible might just be a lot easier to accomplish than you think. The author of this article on FStoppers shares some creative hacks that could help you push your limits even further.


Why You Should Consider Adding A Drone To Your Gear:

DRONE: You've thought of adding a drone to your gear but you're not sure if it's worth it, or if it's the right time. Well, the more you read, the more you know! Check out this article on DPreview which discusses the benefits of having a drone.  

The Trick to Making Your Photos Fine Art

FINE ART: Fine art photography can be pretty amazing but requires a lot of patience. This article on Photographytalk gives some invaluable tips on how to achieve perfection when making your photos into fine art.


The Iconic Saturday Night Live Bumper Photos:

ICONIC PHOTOS: If you watch Saturday Night Live, you've probably more than noticed the iconic celebrity portraits that welcome you back after a commercial break. Did you know that the photos have been an integral part of the show for over 40 years? Find out the story behind them in this article on CNN.


The Benefits of Shooting Backplates:

BACKPLATES: In recent times, more and more photographers have added backplate shoots as part of their routine during photo shoot sessions. This article on FStoppers explains why this is a great habit to cultivate as a photographer.


How Technology Has Changed Photojournalism Over The Last 40 Years:

THEN VS. NOW: This interesting interview with Jim Wilson, who has been a New York Times staff photographer since 1980, takes us down memory lane as he explains how technology has changed photojournalism over the years.  

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