New and Innovative programs were announced at Adobe Max 2019! Learn How To Upgrade Your Photography Game With The Exciting Features In Project All In, Project About Face, and Project Light Right.


Adobe’s Exciting New AI Announcements

In this PetaPixel article, DL Cade breaks down what you need to know about the new programs introduced at Adobe MAX 2019. At Adobe MAX 2019, presenters unveiled game-changing tools for editing and post-processing. The programs that Adobe demoed include Project About Face, Project All In, Project Sweet Talk, Project Image Tango, and Project Light Right. These demos have made waves in the photography community for the potential impact that they have on the future of image capturing.


One of the featured programs which has received the most buzz since Adobe MAX is Project About Face. With Project About Face, a user should be able to detect and undo the photo manipulation from any image. This feature functions by automatically scanning the photo and producing a color-coded heat map that reveals the image modifications and can even undo them without looking at any metadata.


Are you ever a DIY group photographer who never gets to be in the family photo? Adobe’s Project All In has received attention for rumors that its program provides the option to insert additional people into group photos. All In would automatically scan the photo with face recognition software and add the missing person back in. How would this feature make your careers easier? Would you still do reshoots for those who missed group photo day?


Another featured program that has many photographers excited is Project Light Right. Project Light Right allows photographers to change the lighting while capturing an image to display the photo as if it was taken at night even if the original setting was in daylight. This program changes the possibilities of image retouching and post-processing. If Project About Face and Project Light Right function the way that they are shown in the demonstration, then the possibilities for edits and client satisfaction will be endless.


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