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September 13, 2017

Need a Photography-Friend Fix? In-Person Connections Make PPA the Place for YOU

You can't go it alone and be successful in your business (well, you can... but it's much harder... and did we mention lonely?). You need the support of your peers and, when it comes to connecting professional photographers, PPA offers a lot of opportunities. 

PPA has amazing online education available to its members, of course, but sometimes it's best to get out from behind the computer! Take advantage of opportunities to Be More Connected that involve directly interacting with an instructor and/or fellow photographers live and in person. If face-to-face, in-person learning works better for you, then PPA has you covered!

  • Super 1 Day events: Super 1 Day events occur bi-annually for two weeks, and are facilitated by professional photographers looking to share their knowledge and experience with others. During Super 1 Day events, you get the opportunity to take part in day-long workshops covering a huge cross-section of topics. These are fantastic opportunities to hone your skills in addition to networking with your peers! Register now for Super 1 Day!
  • PPA Affiliate Schools: PPA has partnered with photography schools all over the country-and even in others- to provide professionals with in-person educational opportunities for one week each year. And like Super 1 Day, taking advantage of classes offered in these Affiliate Schools is not only a great way to become a better photographer, but also a great way to meet other pros just like you!
  • Photographic Competitions: All artists need to feel a sense of belonging and, according to Anne Geddes, PPA gave her "the fellowship and opportunities for my work to be reviewed and judged by my peers through photographic competitions, and it helped build my confidence and credibility as a photographer." Anne says, "There is a camaraderie that comes from entering your best images in print competitions. The judges are all walking up and 'sniffing' your print, as we used to joke. A judge says, 'You know, I don't think it's good enough for...' It's character building." PPA competitions begin at the start of the year at the district level and continue to the International Photographic Competition every summer.
  • Imaging USA: The world's largest, strongest and longest-running photography expo and convention continues to get bigger and better! 2020 is set to be no exception. Imaging USA will set up shop in Nashville, Tennessee. That's right. We'll be invading the Music City for three amazing days (six with pre-con!) of Imaging USA, January 19-21, 2020. You can't help but Be More Connected with a trip to Imaging USA

So get up, get out, and get to learning! PPA is always adding ways to Be More Connected as a member. If you aren't a PPA member yet, join today!