‘National Geographic Style’ Lighting Tips, Stupid Things Photographers Say about Gear, and Why Competition is Good: Our Top Blog Posts May 2-6


As we wrap up the first week of May (yes, already!), take some time to enjoy our favorite

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photography blog posts of the week! 

1.'National Geographic Style' Lighting Tips from a World-Class Photographer

LIGHTING: National Geographic is world-renowned for their photography, so who better to get lighting tips from than an actual National Geographic photographer? In this video, photographer Bob Holmes shares lighting tips that can help you get that 'National Geographic style' in your own work.

2. 5 Photoshop Layer Mask Tricks - Video Tutorial

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: If you're confused by Photoshop's layer masks while editing your photos, this tutorial from Digital Photography School is for you. It walks you through several tricks that will help you understand how you can use these layer masks!

3. The 11 Stupidest Things Photographers Say About Gear

SARCASM & GEAR: As a photographer, your equipment is essential to your business. But are you guilty of any of these thoughts about gear? Read them on PetaPixel.

4. 12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your First Wedding Photography Job

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Are you considering taking a wedding client on for the first time? Read this article from Popular Photography first! It covers some points you'll want to consider before taking that job!

5. Why Competition is Good For You

BUSINESS ADVICE: Many photographers can be intimidated by having another photographer in their market to compete with. This article from Fstoppers brings a new perspective to competition and shares why it can be good for your business to have another photographer to compete with!

6. Greek Photographers Win Pulitzer Prize With These Haunting Images Of Refugee Crisis

INSPIRATION: All photographers need some inspiration from time to time. Check out these powerful Pulitzer Prize-winning photos from the Middle East Refugee Crisis on Huffington Post. You may get some ideas for your own photography projects.

7. National Gallery's Use of Prince Portrait Infringes Copyright, Photog Claims

COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Photographer Lynn Goldsmith is claiming that the Smithsonian Institute violated her copyright by using a portrait of musician Prince without her permission. Read all the news about the ongoing situation on Photo District News. Don't forget that PPA is here to help members when situations of copyright infringement occur. Read all about the resources available to members at PPA.com/Copyright.

8. Why Lightroom's Gradient Filter Tool Might Be Better Than The Real Thing...

LIGHTROOM: Do you use a traditional ND filter? If you do, you may be surprised to learn that Lightroom has tools that allow you to get the same (or even better!) results as an ND filter. Watch the tutorial from Killer Lightroom Tips.

9. Bowie: Portraits of and Behind the Icon 

INSPIRATION: If you do portrait photography, you'll want to take a look at this gallery of portraits of the great David Bowie by photographer Steve Schapiro on Lens Culture. Schapiro also shares the process that went into the portraits. Take a look and be inspired.

10. The Process of Making Printing Ink Is Wonderfully Mesmerizing

JUST FOR FUN: Have you ever wondered how the ink you use for printing photographs is made? Well wonder no longer! Take some time to relax and check out this video for a cool look at where your ink comes from.

There you have it, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorite on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommittee @PPA.com.

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