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May 28, 2024

May Recommended Reads: Storm Chasing, Nuclear Bunkers, Memory Cards & more!

Time marches on full speed into summer! Here are some of the latest stories from the photography world, sure to inspire and educate!


How to Fix a Water Damaged Camera
Water damage can spell disaster for photographers, turning prized equipment into pricey paperweights.


Fstoppers Interviews Paige Vincent, Extreme Weather Photographer
Vincent’s dedication to storm chasing and photography underscores the blend of art and science required to capture the raw power and beauty of nature.


Photographer Visits ‘Spooky’ Nuclear Bunker Made to Hold Members of Congress
There's a TV studio, straight jackets, and riot gear.


When Should You Replace A Memory Card?
When is a good time to retire a memory card, or relegate it to “secondary usage only?”   This article will guide you through understanding memory card lifespans, recognizing signs of wear and performance issues, and adopting preventive measures to extend their life.


Daniel Kramer, Who Photographed Bob Dylan’s Rise, Dies at 91
For 366 days, he captured intimate images of the singer-songwriter as he changed the look and sound of the 1960s.


Cameraman Spends Three Weeks Living in a Tree to Film Millions of Bats
He filmed the largest mammal migration on earth.


French Collective Obvious Has Created an A.I. Art Generator That Can Read Your Mind
French art collective Obvious has embarked on a new project exploring how A.I. algorithms coupled with MRI can visually construct what's in the mind's eye.


Microsoft launches generative AI model designed exclusively for US intelligence services — air-gapped system for spies aims to avoid potential security leaks
This AI model can analyze data, answer questions and write code without going online.

Global Call to All Street Photographers!
Calling All Street Photographers! We are searching for vibrant and compelling street photography from around the world. Awards include exhibition at Photo London, global press exposure, cash prizes and more!


Photographer’s Rare Images Reveal Everyday Life in North Korea
At the end of each day, North Korean officials would review all of the photographs taken by Tariq Zaidi — deleting the ones they didn’t approve of. But then Zaidi was lucky to be capturing any images at all from inside the hermit state.


Authentic Wedding Photography: Tips for Relaxed Couple Portraits
Learn how to capture their true personalities, not the Disney Princess/James Bond wedding industry stereotype.


IPS Photography | 17 Pros Share Their Challenges and How to Overcome Them
Even the most established photographers have had challenges adopting the process of In Person Sales. Knowing this, SLR Lounge asked a group of professional wedding photographers the following question: What IPS challenges did you have to overcome to implement IPS in your business? Here are their answers.