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May 31, 2021

May Blog Roundup: Be Inspired, Learn a New Skill, and Discover the Latest Tech

As summer rapidly approaches, the days are growing longer and the temperatures warmer. The month of May didn’t just bring us the seasonal changes we expect; it also brought us some exciting developments in the world of photography! Keep scrolling for this month’s selection of articles hand-picked for photographers like you. Get inspired, learn a new skill, and find out what's new in photography-related technology! 


Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Shoot Moonlit Landscapes at Night

If shooting landscapes at night sounds challenging, the truth is it really is. Working with limited light requires some advanced techniques, extra efforts, and careful planning, but it will all be worth it. With this photography cheat sheet, you’ll be able to add a touch of magic to those scenic shots under the stars.

10 Themes in Photography Trending Right Now

The Depositphotos team analyzed contributor portfolios and discovered what type of stock images are in demand this year. Check out this list of photo trends that will guide your content and help you understand your audience’s needs better.


Learn This Creative & Simple Light Painting Photography Technique

Watch and learn how you can use light painting techniques to take unique and creative portraits. This how-to guide by SLR Lounge included detailed instructions and tips, as well as a video to help you learn this technique. 


Before and After Photos Reveal How Much a Smile Changes a Person’s Aura

Personal projects are something that every professional photographer should do at least every couple of years! It's good to recharge your batteries and invigorate your passion for the craft that you love. See the results of one photographer’s project that focused on the difference a smile can bring to an image.

Learn The Key To Seeing 'Secret' Photos All Around You

Ever wonder why someone standing right next to you can find the perfect photograph, but you're left wondering how they even saw it to start with? Check out this video from The Photographic Eye to learn the secret!

Photoshop Just Got Its Own Portrait Mode 

The latest Photoshop update has delivered a new beta tool called Depth Blur, which lets you choose different focal points and blur the background of photos after they've been taken.

When to Use a High ISO (+ Tips for High-ISO Photography)

Raising the ISO is one of the most common photographic fears. Are there times when a high ISO makes sense? When should you consider using a high ISO? And what ISO can modern cameras handle? Find the answers in this article from Digital Photography School! 

iPhone Live Photos: A Comprehensive Guide

iPhone Live Photos are images that can be edited, adjusted, and shared just like any other image. But they are also tiny video clips: each contains three seconds of video showing a brief moment right before, during, and after you take the picture. Read this article from Digital Photography School to learn how to use and edit iPhone Live Photos!


Marketing & Sales 

Every photographer knows that staying up-to-date on the latest marketing and sales developments can really pay off when it comes to reaching clients and convincing them to hire you. Check out these great articles on branding, text and email marketing, and more: 

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