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March 08, 2018

Master Editing Aerial Photos with PPAedu

Drones are everywhere you look, including PPA's educational library! PPAedu has an extensive library filled with hundreds of educational videos on topics that interest professional photographers. Aside from being interesting, these videos are packed with loads of information to help you brush up on, or learn more about, photography. In this case, drone photography!

In “Giving Your Images Wings: Processing Aerial Photographs and Video” Colin Smith demonstrates how to process your aerial photographs in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Aerial photos have some very unique characteristics that are different than the other photographs you have taken. Discover how to keep your photographs looking natural, by bending a few rules to bring out the very best in each image.

The only way to access these helpful videos is through your PPA membership. As a PPA member you can access these videos anywhere, anytime. Between PPAedu and PhotoVision , photographers who have a PPA membership can tap into hundreds of programs to help them Be More! Join PPA today.