Male Perspective on Boudoir Photography, Learning from Failed Images and Photographer Sues Getty for $1 Billion: Our Top Blog Posts from July 25 - 29


It's Friday - so you guessed it - time for a blog roundup! Take a look at this week's stories

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 below. From portrait photography to some photography history, there's something for every photographer! 

1. The Male Perspective for Boudoir Photography

BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY: The majority of boudoir photographers tend to be women, but there are many men in the field as well! Find out how this industry operates differently if you're a male photographer, as well as some advice for how you can break into it as a man, in this post from Fstoppers.


2. Basic Rules of How to Shoot Better Photos

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS/REFRESHER: All photographers want to take better photographs, and this post from WizardNote provides some good tips to keep in mind. These may seem kind of simple, but it's always useful to get a refresher on the basics of what make a good photograph!

3. Tips for Taking Candid Portraits of People

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: If you do street photography or enjoy capturing candid photos of people, check out this article from Digital Photography School. You'll get some advice for how you can get great candid photos of people that tell a story as well.

4. The Dark Art of Matt Barnes

INSPIRATION: Check out the unique Photoshop work of artist Matt Barnes, a pioneer in the 'dark art movement', as well as an interview with him on DIY Photography. You may get some ideas for your next Photoshop project from this post, especially if you're looking to make something creepy!


5. Are Photoshop Plugins Still Relevant?

PHOTOSHOP: Do you use Photoshop plug-ins? If so, you'll want to check out this post from Fstoppers. In it, one photographer discusses if plug-ins are still relevant, as well as what some of the top plug-ins are. Do you agree? Start a discussion about it on theLoop!