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October 16, 2018

Make the Impossible Possible: An Approach to Change Your Photography Business

When Brant Menswar’s son Theo was 14, he became gravely ill with a rare blood disease. Doctors performed a bone marrow transplant as a treatment, but it resulted in complications, and doctors thought Theo wouldn’t make it through the night.

The same night, Theo’s uncle filmed a YouTube video begging for help, the video went viral, and donations started flooding in from all over the world. Dr. Tim Johnson called them after watching the video, and helped the family find the best specialists for Theo. With his help, Theo Menswar was able to make a full recovery. 

From that moment, Brant Menswar decided to dedicate his life to helping others and used his music to create an organization called Banding People Together. While working on turning the impossible into the possible, he’s learned a great method to creating a fulfilling, successful business.

He calls this method the ACDC approach:

  1. Awareness: Use self-awareness to define your core values to make the proper decisions for your business.
  2. Collaboration: Find fellow photographers to work with!
  3. Discipline: The three D’s of discipline- define your core values, determine your motivation, and direct your feelings.
  4. Commitment: This will help your sustainability. Everything that motivates you will transfer to your level of commitment.

Menswar believes that photography makes the impossible possible by turning a moment into something an individual can cherish forever. So as a photographer, you must trust your core values and your instincts to take your business down the right path.

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