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February 24, 2020

Looking back on Imaging USA 2020 in Nashville

We’re so happy to have great media and press show up for Imaging USA. They provide a perspective on the Imaging experience that’s outside of what PPA members and those who attend regularly can see. Over 10,000 people attended Imaging USA 2020 this year in Nashville, but not everyone documented their experiences like Nicholas, Robyn, and John from MacSources did. They came as official media for Imaging USA and reported on the classes, trade show, and parties in real-time. We think they had a blast (and, this is so cool—became PPA members while there!) and are so happy to welcome them into the PPA family.


“Way more than a trade show”


On Day One, Nicholas wrote “The show floor for ImagingUSA is nice and easy to navigate. We have been to shows like CES, where no matter how fast you walk, you could not see it all in the week. We started off with our favorite bag maker Think Tank Photo and then stopped by QNAP, Tamron, Zeiss lenses, and our favorite retailer, B&H Photo. We decided after catching B&H that we would save the rest of the show floor for tomorrow so that we did not see it all in one day. This is possible with Imaging USA and one of the things that I really enjoyed about this expo — you feel like you are actually making progress. Another thing that I really like about Imaging USA, so far, is that we actually have the opportunity to take learning sessions. While they are offered at CES, it feels as though you never have a chance to take advantage of them because all your time is dedicated to the show floor.”

This is exactly the goal of Imaging USA, so it's nice to hear we're pulling it off. 


“...The memories are long-lasting and so is the pain in my feet”


We feel your pain, Nick!

On Day Two, Nicholas writes about the vendor experience at Imaging USA.

“We made the rounds and visited with a few companies we have worked with in the past to say, “Hello.” Imaging USA is a wonderful show not only for learning, but also for making new contacts, friends, and touching base with past business contacts. While on the show floor today, we took advantage of some of the great deals you can find on equipment. Many vendors have special sales prices for equipment and the expo can be a great place to add to your inventory.”


The MacSources gang also got some really great photos at the closing party, which Robyn did a write up about.  


Check out and the blog recaps to get a feeling of being at Imaging USA. Follow Calderone and the MacSources gang and come see what Imaging USA is all about in 2021. Next year it’s all going down in Grapevine, Texas so save the date, January 17-19, 2021!