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October 04, 2019

Learn How To Use Monochrome To Your Biggest Advantage With This Advice On Black and White Photography

Have you ever taken a photo in color and changed it into black and white during post-processing? If so, compared side by side, which image looked better, the color photo or the black and white? Monochrome is a tool to use at your disposal, but the author of F’Stoppers’ article Advice for Shooting Black and White Photos, Nando Harmsen, suggests that many photographers misunderstand the role that the black and white setting should play during a photoshoot.

Many photographers may find that a black and white photo looks strikingly different compared to the same photo in color. The author of this article debunks the idea that the monochrome setting is a magic tool to create a more interesting photograph “I don’t believe it is possible to rescue a photo just by transforming it in black and white. Removing color from an uninteresting photo does not make it better in any way”. The image must have the same quality in color as it would when monochrome is applied.

When taking black and white photos, train your mind to view the world around you in monochrome. Better yet, use your camera to your advantage by making full use of the monochrome setting.

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