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April 27, 2020

Learn How to Master Google My Business When You Watch This Week’s Facebook Live Webinar!

PPA Facebook Live Recap: "7 Tips to Activate Prospects Using Google My Business”. In this edition of PPA Facebook Live, we were joined by Victor Machado, the founder of Post&Wall digital agency. Machado shared his secrets to mastering Google My Business by breaking down the tool’s algorithm to help you maximize views. Google My Business is a service offered through your Google account that allows users to update the details of your business information. Using Google My Business allows you to add events, photos, products and more. Check out a few of Machado’s top tips below and don’t forget to watch the full video today to learn more!


Controlling your Brand Voice

Not only can you add images and information to your account, your clients can also post photos and tag your business on social media. These posts can then be attributed to your Google Business Profile. Sometimes this is helpful but in other cases the photos and posts added by customers may not be the representation of your business that you want. Similarly to photos, anyone can answer questions about your business from potential clients on your Google My Business profile. For example, you may have a well-meaning former client jump in to contribute to a question, but the client accidently shares misinformation due to recent changes you’ve made with your products and services. This is why Machado advises, “You always want to be in a position to control your brand voice.” Managing your Google My Business profile allows you to take charge of your brand’s presence. Your Google Business profile is most likely the first time that your potential clients will be introduced to your business if they are doing a broad search for professional photographers. 


"You always want to be in a position to control your brand voice.” - Victor Machado


Understanding the Algorithms

Machado emphasizes that understanding the algorithms behind Google My Business can help maximize your views. Google has recently updated its algorithm to rank businesses higher if they feature relevant content and link to authoritative websites. Examples of authoritative websites include Facebook and LinkedIn Business pages. Machado advises that linking to authoritative websites is important because it creates an “element of trust for consumers.” That trust is what leads to more reviews and increases organic traffic. 


Always Drive Traffic to Your Site

Achieving success using Google My Business requires incorporating the best keywords and constantly directing the consumer back to your website. This means incorporating calls to action to your site in every post that you make. Machado emphasizes that you, as a small business owner, should “always, always, always drive traffic back to your website” to increase your SEO ranking. 


Machado’s top quick tips:

  • Insights and analytics are the key to all other activities.
  • Post once a week (at a minimum).
  • Work to generate over 7,000 views monthly.
  • Strive for simple but thoughtful messages paired with quality images.
  • Give your audience a call to action that leads back to your business like "Learn More", "Book Today", or "Call Now".
  • Leverage the 4 special call-outs: What's New, Event, Offer, and Product.
  • Set-up products to match what’s listed on your website.
  • Go deep in the Services area.
  • Reviews: be sure to respond to online reviews (your feedback helps move your website up in searches).
  • Messaging: Download the Google My Business app on your smartphone and to receive notifications and be as responsive as possible.
  • Define your Service Area in the Info section of your Google My Business profile.


Take full advantage of learning from Machado’s 25+ years of experience by watching the full video today

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