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April 17, 2020

Learn Effective Content Strategies, Tips on Avoiding Burnout, and Advice on Increasing Your Website Conversions With These Photography Webinars You Can Watch Now!

Every week, PPA offers educational content and resources to help you build a more sustainable and successful photography business! Below you will find a recap of a few of this past month’s webinars. Along with a short synopsis of each program, you will also find a link to watch the full webinar on PPA’s online education platform. The Education library is open to anyone with a free PPA account until the end of May 2020, so take some time to learn something new, work on your business and build your brand! 


“The 3 Secrets to Loving Your Business and Avoiding Burnout”

In this webinar, Arica Dorff, (Cr. Photog.) covers her top tips for avoiding burnout while running a successful and sustainable photography business. Her tips include: 

  • Creating a list of core values
    These values should form the foundation for your business and will help you to stay grounded and remember what’s most important to you! How do you develop these core values? The first step is to ask yourself how you like to spend your time. 
  • Prioritizing your time
    By having a list of core values, you will be better prepared to analyze how you currently spend your time. Your list of core values will inspire you to make necessary changes to your routine and make time for the parts of your life that you enjoy- including things outside of your photography business. This is one of the best ways to set your business up for sustainable success and avoid burnout while also making it easier to support your passion for your business and your clients. 
  • Organize your workflow
    Dorff also emphasizes that being disorganized can lead to increased stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed (which can also be a cause for burnout!). In this webinar she shares her tips on organizing your workflow with apps the workflow organization  software of your choice (She personally likes using Trello). 

For more helpful tips and details, be sure to watch the full webinar today and reap the benefits of learning from an expert in your field!


“5 Website Mistakes You Are Probably Making”

In this webinar, D’Arcy Benincosa will give you the tools you need to improve engagement, traffic and conversions on your website and blog. According to Benincosa, the top ways to improve your website include:

  • Improving your SEO game
    This includes making sure that your images are paired with relevant copy as well as offering high-quality blog content. 
  • Getting mobile friendly
    Ensure that your website is mobile friendly. This means that your site should function effectively and look just as cohesive on a client’s phone as it does on their desktop. 
  • Catering to your ideal client
    Benincosa’s top advice is to make sure that everything on your website is designed and functions with your ideal client in mind. From your SEO keywords and the language used in your description to the type of content that you share, everything on your site should be geared towards engaging your ideal clients and keeping them interested!

The latter half of this webinar includes a Q & A session with Benincosa, so be sure to watch the full webinar to take advantage of her expert advice. If you’re trying to improve your marketing skills and upgrade your website, this webinar will be an extremely valuable resource for you! Additionally, you can check out Benincosa’s wedding photography website to see her tips and tricks in action. 


“Content Creation Strategies!”

In this webinar, Corey Perlman will give you a step-by-step strategy to efficiently post compelling content to your social networks on a daily basis. Building awareness with your ideal client is the goal of Perlman’s content creation strategies. This means that, even if potential clients aren’t in a purchasing mindset when they first discover your brand, you’ll be on their mind when they are actively seeking a photographer. 

  • Become a Trusted Resource
    Perlman encourages business owners to determine how they can become a resource for what their ideal client is looking for. Similar to Benincosa’s advice, Perlman wants you to keep your content focused on your ideal potential clients. By doing so, your brand functions in their mind as a solution to their needs (even before they begin actively seeking to fill those needs!).
  • Create a Content Calendar
    One of Perlman’s top tips is to create a content calendar with categories so that you’re planning different types of content to share each day of the week--i.e. Motivation Monday, Testimonials Tuesday, Wisdom Wednesday, etc. Having this kind of system in place helps with your workflow and keeps your content consistent for your potential clients. 
  • Double down on Video Content 
    Perlman encourages you to double-down on stories and video content  because this type of content is pushed more heavily by social media platforms and can be a more effective way to engage your potential clients. This is also a great way to show the behind-the-scenes side of your business, which can be interesting and engaging for your ideal client. 

Replay this webinar to stay “top of mind” with your clients and prospects, and to help your online content reach its maximum potential. Check out Perlman’s website for more social media marketing tips! 


We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup and recap of our April webinars. The PPAedu library of educational video content will be unlocked through the end of May, so be sure to take advantage of these educational resources to take your photography business to the next level!