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July 07, 2022

Last Chance to Apply! Give Back by Teaching a Photography Workshop

The countdown is on. You can still apply to volunteer and instruct a PPA Photography Workshop! These peer-to-peer educational events provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share your knowledge, expand your professional network, and give back to the PPA community. If you're passionate about a topic, this is a great way to help other photographers understand it better while delving deeper into the topic yourself.

PPA’s Fall Photography Workshops are designed to fit any photographer’s educational needs with topics as wide-ranging as posing, lighting, digital retouching, sales, and marketing strategies. They are bi-annual, learning extravaganzas taught by professional photographers (like you!) for fellow professional photographers. Volunteers who teach a Photography Workshop are a critical part of creating a skilled and cohesive photographic industry. After all, helping one another learn and grow is what makes the PPA community so special. 

Here’s what you earn for teaching a Photography Workshop: 

  • 2 speaking merits per workshop taught: you can only teach a maximum of two per PPA Workshop season
  • Network and connect with other photographers in your area
  • Expand your own knowledge on the topic you teach
  • Earn $50/per attendee when you have 8 or more people, and you have a PPA degree/certification (Note: Instructors interested in teaching a photography workshop course must have a PPA degree or certification to qualify for payment.)

Although this is a volunteer opportunity, all workshops are required to be authentic and should aim to provide a dynamic educational experience. Fall Workshops will take place September 5-19, 2022.

Our Applications deadline is approaching fast. Apply before July 18, 2022. 

Pay it forward. Apply to be a Photography Workshop instructor and give back to our community!