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June 30, 2017

Landscape photography Tips, New PhotoVision Video

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You probably had a long week and eventful month. So grab some ice cream, get on your most comfortable couch, and just before you start the movie marathon; check out our top photography blogs from around the web this week!

What To Know When Hiring a CPA or Attorney For Your Photography Business

LAW: If you have reached the point in your career where you are considering hiring a CPA or Attorney for your photography business, you are probably doing something right. So don't stop now. Check out Rachel Brenke's great suggestions on what to consider before entering into this new phase.

How Not to Photograph an Alligator

SAFETY: As a photographer who is passionate about what you do, you naturally would do almost anything to get that perfect shot. However, while exploring your options, it is important to consider your safety. With an astounding video, PetaPixel illustrates why safety is important. 


Learn How to Print In-House Like a Pro with New PhotoVision Video

PHOTOVISION: In case you haven't visited the PhotoVision website recently, we announced the addition of a new video by Sue Bryce. If you have never checked out the PhotoVision website, here is your chance. 


How to Achieve a Pure White Background Without Using the Pen Tool

SKILLS: While some photographers may consider the pen tool one of the greatest inventions of all time, some others consider it a pain. Either way, it would be cool to see how you can achieve a pure white background without using the pen tool. Find out how in this Fstoppers article. 

Fast Landscape-Photography Tips

TIPS: Are you considering landscape photography? The author of this article on Photographytalk shares some tips on how to take breathtaking landscape photos. 

Best iPhone Photos of 2017

AWARDS: It's amazing what photographers can do with iPhones these days. Take a look at these photos and see why they were awarded Best Phone Photos of 2017.

Do You See The Copyright Law Nonsense in Everyday Life?

COPYRIGHT: PPA came up with a great way for you to join the campaign for the reform of the U.S. copyright law. These brand-new cartoon illustrations are the perfect way to share info about copyright on your social and with your friends. More are on the way! Check them it out today.


Bird by Bird: 5 Tips for the Avian Photographer

AVIAN PHOTOGRAPHY: Avian photography can be very tasking. If you think chasing toddlers is as bad as it gets, you probably haven't tried photographing birds. In this article, Joe Campanellie shares some tips on how to get the best images of these beautiful creatures.  


Video tutorial: How to Make a Double Exposure in Photoshop

EDITING: Ever wondered if you could make a double exposure on Photoshop? Dan Bracaglia shares a video on DPReview that explains step-by-step how do to so.  

The Top 6 Professional Printers for Photographers With Not a Lot of Space

PRINTING: Are you considering getting a professional printer any time soon? Before you make up your mind, you might want to check out this article on Phoblographer.

There you have 'em, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at [email protected].