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October 01, 2019

Join The Conversation! Check Out These Hot Topics On TheLoop For Business Advice From Fellow Professional Photographers In Your Community

This past week has included tons of great discussion between Loopers!

From vacation spots to tips on contracts and work samples, these threads have great information for any of our members to refer back to.

Photography-Centric Vacation

This member came to theLoop to ask how he could use his vacation time to enjoy the scenery while growing his camera skills. The Looper who started the conversation received lots of great suggestions including Canada, U.S. National Parks, the Andes mountains, and more.

Many who responded strongly suggested that the author of the post register for a photo tour and find an “inside fix” or a local who is able to help him find the hidden locations with the best scenery.

Landscape Photography Location Suggestions

This member planned to lead a group of students on a trek to take advantage of the natural setting for some astrophotography. Commenters in this thread provided great insight into locations for his trip. The author of the post was thankful for all the advice he received, especially on dealing with any animals native to the area he traveled through.

Seeking Guidance on Commercial Contracts and Proposals for Large Centers

This thread focused on the details of forming a proper contract and how to communicate with a client while protecting yourself as a professional photographer. 

The most popular advice featured was to keep things simple with the client, but to be clear in your contract about how long you are required to work per session. Fellow PPA members also stressed the importance of consulting with a lawyer before sending out the contract to make sure everything is clear and makes sense in legal terms.

Head-Shot Pricing

This Looper was offered to photograph over 100 headshots for a company’s staff and sought advice on pricing. Pricing questions are very common topics on theLoop’s member community. Most often, the answer is to refer to your Cost of Business to determine what must be charged to make a profit based on your expenses.

To help answer the author’s question, members used each other as a resource by tagging active Loopers with experience in providing pricing advice and offering tips based on their own experience. If you’ve ever had questions on pricing check out this thread to learn more!

Work Samples You Can’t Provide

This Looper knows which skills he has and but is worried that his editing experience won’t be sufficient for a client who wants a sample of real estate videography. The most popular suggestions were to provide scouting images of the property or photograph any real estate setting for free to build his portfolio.

Many Loopers suggested that the author should use his own home or the homes of his friends and family that can be used to create a sample video or set of stills. If you are interested in breaking out as a real estate photography check out this thread for some tips and tricks!

Check out theLoop for new hot topics every day!