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January 24, 2024

January Recommended Reads: The Lens Revolution, Post-Processing Secrets, and More!

The start of the new year marks a great occasion to commit to staying up to date on the news that matters, photography news! Here are some of our favorite hand-picked reads (and videos too) from the month of January. 

2024: The Year of the Lens Revolution
As we approach 2024, two key trends have become increasingly evident: the emergence of revolutionary lens designs and the rise of high-quality, affordable lenses.


20+ Posing Cues for Couples from Professional Photographers
The art of posing is more than just positioning subjects. Craft authentic, emotive stories with these effective cues and directions. 


Engineers Freeze Camera Below Ice Hockey Rink to Capture ‘Impossible Angle’
A team of engineers froze a camera underneath the ice in an ice hockey rink to film the sport, and the results are... Well, you just need to see it.


Photographers Celebrate One of Nature’s Most Misunderstood Creatures
Conservation photographers, Devon Matthews and Kristi Odom document the incredible annual event of tarantula migration in La Junta, Colorado.


Five Great Photography Ideas for 2024
Greg Sheard has 5 great ideas to spice up your photography this year.


Mesmerizing Drone Footage Shows Humpback Whales Create Spiral to Hunt
Humpback whales engage in what is called "synchronous bubble net feeding." It's a coordinated hunting strategy rarely caught on camera, except recently by photographer and drone pilot, Piet van den Bemd.


Mind-Blowing Images from the Field of Neuroscience
A new MRI scanner captures the complex circuitry of the human brain that allows for 10 times higher resolution that its predecessors. 


Court Reveals Midjourney Wanted to Copy the Style of These Photographers
Midjourney's database of some 16,000 names has been submitted as part of a lawsuit amendment to a class-action complaint brought by three artists suing Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.


Graduated Neutral Density Filters Explained
At a time when photography software can do almost anything, is there any reason to use physical glass filters in front of your lens? Absolutely! Some problems are still best solved with filters. Learn more about graduated netural density filters!

Five Post-Processing Secrets
Post-processing is one of the trickiest aspects of photography. You can get all your settings right in camera and have a great composition, but still end up with something strange with unflattering edits. In this article, Jason Polak shares his favorite post-processing tips that will improve your results each time.