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January 29, 2021

January Blog Roundup: Social Media Marketing, Prisms, Politicians, and More

What a month it’s been! We kicked off the year with our very first virtual conference, and there was such positive feedback that you can now stream the entire show on-demand through February 7. If you haven’t already registered (or even if you have!), head to to get in on all the inspiration and education!

Now… onto our monthly blog roundup! Social media tips, winter landscape inspiration, and getting back to the basics (remember the rule of thirds?) are just some of the topics waiting for you below. And remember: sometimes all it takes is a little reading to find that next big idea to help take your business—and your photography—into a new and exciting direction. 

Keep scrolling to see this month’s selection of articles.


  • 15 Tips to Building a Better Social Media Presence
    It's a new year and a great time to brainstorm ideas about how to use social media to market your brand. Social media marketing is all about experimentation and figuring out what works best for your individual business, and there’s no universal “secret” or “trick” that will guarantee success. That said, this handy article from Sprout Social gives a good rundown of strategies and practices that can guide you to a more robust and engaging social media presence. Click here for the full story, including examples of clever social media posts from big brands like GoPro, Adobe, and Wendy’s. 

  • 3 Simple Landscape Photography Tips for Shooting in Gray and Boring Winter Weather
    Winter is usually a high point for many landscape photographers, but what do you do when the weather just keeps being gray and boring? At Stoppers, Danish photographer Mads Peter Iversen shares his experience photographing dreary northern Europe during the winter. Check out his images and learn his 3 simple tips for capturing winter landscapes.

  • Back to Basics: Mastering the Rules of Thirds in Photography 
    No matter where you are in your journey as a professional photographer, it never hurts to brush up on the basics of your craft. London-based Photographer Nicholas “Nico” Goodden guides you through applying the rule of thirds to your photography using gorgeous examples taken from his own urban and street photography. The photos alone warrant at least a minute or two of your time, so head over to DIY Photography to check out this article!

  • Prisming: How To Create Great Images With Prisms For Photography
    Over the last four years, there’s been a 1200% increase in the use of the hashtag #prismphotography on social media networks. This technique uses a prism’s unique ability to manipulate light, glares, and reflections to create eye-catching images. Using a prism can help you make memorable photographs, even in “lackluster environments or places with unfavorable lighting conditions,” as this post on points out. Take a look at the article for some inspiration on how you can incorporate prisms into your photography.

  • 'Modern Technology' of Fast Photos Wows Politicians
    Politicians at the inauguration of President Joe Biden praised modern technology when a printed photograph of the inauguration was presented to Biden shortly after being sworn in. Despite one-hour photo development being widely available since the 1980s, this didn’t stop Maryland Representative Steny Hoyer from calling the image of Biden's ceremony "a testament to technology." California Representative Kevin McCarthyalso remarked, "Modern technology, right?" Needless to say, the internet snapped back. CNET has all the details.

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