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July 08, 2019

It’s a Win-Win to Teach a Super ① Day Class!

Have you ever seriously thought about sharing your talents, skills, and knowledge with other photographers? It’s time to do it. Volunteer now to become a Super 1 Day instructor!

Teaching a PPA Super ① Day class means being part of a win-win situation. The students that attend your class get to learn the really cool information that you know about photography and you get to earn 2 speaking merits, maybe make a little gas money, and have a lot of fun!*

Super ① Day is PPA's semi-annual, peer-to-peer educational initiative with photography workshops held all around the country. The fall 2019 workshops will take place on October 7 - 21, 2019.

The numbers are rolling in from spring's classes and the most popular topics are portraits, in-person sales, light, and weddings.  Do you have a thing or two to teach about these subjects? Or how about digging a little deeper and sharing what you know about the photography business?

The deadline to submit your application is July 10, 2019, so apply to hold a Super 1 Day class today!


*That's right; at Super ① Day , instructors gain TWO speaking merits towards their PPA degree. In addition, if you are a Photographic Craftsman, a Master Photographer, or a Certified Professional Photographer, you will also receive $50 per student after the 7th paid attendee that comes to your class.