IPC Changes, How to Pitch, and Rembrandt Lighting: Our Top 10 Photography Blogs August 15-19

Have the Summer Olympic Games inspired you to achieve new heights of success in your

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 photography business? Here are the top posts of the week that may help you get there! 



1. Your Dream Photography Job Is Just One Masterful Pitch Away

HOW TO PITCH: For many photography jobs, especially for a publication, you're required to pitch your ideas and skills to get the job. It can be an intimidating process! If you don't know where to start, this post from Light Stalking gives some good tips on how to pitch yourself. 


2. Changes are Coming to the International Photographic Competition! 

IPC News: PPA announced some changes to the 2017 District and International Photographic Competitions. Read about the changes in this post so you are up-to-date when your District Photographic Competition comes around! And, in case you missed it, results from the 2016 IPC are available now! Congratulations to all the photographers who earned a merit or had an image be selected for the PPA Loan Collection. 

3. Here's How Salvador Dalí and Philippe Halsman Created Their Famous Portrait 

INSPIRATION: Have you ever wondered how Salvador Dali and photographer Philippe Halsman put together their famous 1948 "Dali Atomicus" photo without Photoshop? Time has put together a fascinating video on the creation of the photograph - it took 28 tries to get the composition right! This is a must watch for any photographer.

4. What Focal Length is Best for Headshots?

HEADSHOT KNOWHOW: For portrait photographers that shoot headshots, one question that always comes up is, "what's the best focal length to use?" This post from PhotographyTalk gives some examples of different focal lengths and when you might want to use them. 

5. My Camera Equipment Was Stolen From My Locked Car and Insurance Didn't Cover It

PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT INSURANCE: Here's a cautionary tale from DIY Photography on why you should always double-check what your photography equipment insurance policy actually covers. This photographer found out the hard way that theft was not covered by his policy! Fear not PPA Members, your free PhotoCare Equipment Insurance includes theft coverage!