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July 12, 2018

Invite Your Photographer Friends to Join PPA, and YOU Earn Rewards!

As a PPA member, it’s likely that you're using some of the benefits the membership brings you and could probably leverage it a lot more. You know the value of belonging to this photography association. In fact, you probably have some photographer friends who don't belong to PPA and could use a little help with their business! 

Why are you a PPA member?

People have very different reasons to join and belong to this group, but who better than existing members to get the word out? That's why PPA has developed a reward program, called the Member-2-Member Campaign, to thank PPA members that refer fellow photographers to PPA. Whether the photographers in your network are new to the industry or veteran pros, we hope you will encourage them to join PPA! 

Here's how the Member-2-Member reward program works:

For each photographer you refer to PPA, you'll earn a $25 Visa Gift Card! Pretty sweet, right? It gets better.

There's only one rule to earn the rewards.

  • The photographers you refer must not have been a PPA member within the past year. That's it! 

Ready to start getting your photography friends to belong to PPA with you?

Simply share with your friends how PPA has helped you (think PhotoCare Equipment insurance, PPAedu videos, networking opportunities, copyright guidance, inspiration, etc.). 

The campaign runs through December 31, 2019.

Just be sure that your friends add your name as "Referring Member" on the top of the application form so you'll get credit for bringing them in. 

Find the recruitment materials and referral application on the Member-2-Member Campaign page. Get out there and invite your fellow photographers to Be More by joining PPA!