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May 24, 2016

Insurance, Advocacy and Education Combine This Summer to Protect PPA Members

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Provides Shield of Protection to Photography Small Business Owners as May Member Benefit

ATLANTA, GA (May 18, 2016) -  This month, Professional Photographers of America, the world's oldest and largest nonprofit association for photographers by photographers, is focusing its efforts on reminding members of all the ways it keeps them protected. Accidents happen. Mishaps occur. Fail-proof solutions…well…fail. Misinformation and rumors abound. Artists and small business owners are constantly being bombarded with threats to their wallets and peace-of-mind. PPA member-photographers, however, have a virtual suit-of-armor surrounding them. Kristen Hartman, Director of Member Value and Experience explains, "It's the PPA Shield, and it covers professional photographers on all sides. When stuff hits the fan, and it always, inevitably does, PPA members know that they can trust in the Shield to help them Be More Protected."

PPA has spent nearly 150 years being the first line of defense and support for professional photographers trying to make a living off of their art. PPA's Shield of member benefits includes forms of protection for whatever problems may arise:

Up to $15,000 of PhotoCare equipment insurance policyData loss, malpractice, and negligence protection through PPA's Indemnification TrustUp to $2 million in General Liability coverage as an add-on

These benefits will protect a photographer's gear, business and reputation, but PPA’s protection extends beyond insurance: PPA works tirelessly on Capitol Hill to also keep visual artists more protected legally and keeping them more informed with:

Copyright Tool and Kit with instructionsCopyright Advocacy updates for information on regulatory changesand Drone (UAS) photography news and updates specific to this new niche

Photographers need a way to cut through the clutter surrounding legal issues and PPA has positioned itself as the top authority on all things Drone and Copyright-related. For instance, many photographers do not know that it is only currently legal to operate a drone as a hobbyist. If a photographer is using a drone for commercial or civil use, even as pro bono work, they must have an FAA exemption and a pilot’s license. Spreading such information on the grassroots level is just one more way PPA acts to keep its members informed, in order to keep them legally protected. PPA is consistently in touch with the FAA, getting updates and lobbying for the relaxing of commercial-drone-use. They expect this summer to bring the changes the industry has been waiting for. Visit for all the latest details.

Stay up-to-date on all the progress PPA is making on Copyright issues and the implementation of new copyright law at Members who feel like they’ve been infringed upon or had their works of art stolen can find protection with PPA’s Copyright Kit and self-assessment tool at The tool is meant to show the next steps to take if a photographer feels their photos have been lifted. It’s easy to use, quick and painless…because having one’s work stolen is painful enough.

Rather than being overwhelmed by everything life can throw at a small business owner, photographers can lean on their PPA membership and feel safe with the PPA Shield. To find out how small photography businesses can Be More Protected visit

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