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May 12, 2023

Industry Intelligence for Photographers: Manhattan from the Sky, Getty Images, and more!

We love to take a moment to read the news in our industry. Here are this months reads!


The Secrets to High-Quality and Efficient High-Volume Headshots
Fstoppers presents invaluable insights and techniques to elevate your portrait photography skills to new heights. Explore proven strategies, lighting setups, posing tips, and post-processing secrets that will help you produce stunning headshots in large quantities without compromising on quality.


Epic Photos of Manhattan Taken from Open Door Helicopter Three Miles High
Immerse yourself in the breathtaking visuals of Manhattan like never before.


How Much Does Lens Sharpness Matter in Wildlife Photography?
Explore the debate surrounding the importance of lens sharpness and its impact on capturing wildlife shots. 

Photographer Takes a Person’s Portrait in all 50 States in a Single Day
Tim Dunk, a British photographer who’s never set foot on American soil remotely photographed one person in every U.S. State using the Shutter App. 


A Guide to Photo Opportunities in the Sky This May
From meteor showers and planetary alignments to lunar events and deep-sky objects, this expertly crafted guide illuminates the photo opportunities that await astrophotography enthusiasts. Discover invaluable tips, techniques, and recommended equipment to capture stunning images of stars, galaxies, and nebulae.


Getty Rejects a $4 Billion Takeover Offer
Getty recently rejected a $4 billion takeover offer. Read more about the implications and potential outcomes this story has on the photography industry. 


Jennifer Lopez Directs Photographer on How Best to Shoot Her at Met Gala
Lopez directs the photographer on how to capture her best angles and expressions. 


Photos of the Tarantula Migration Through a Small Town in Colorado
In the southeast corner of Colorado is a small town called La Junta where thousands of tarantulas migrate annually through the Comanche National Grasslands. 


Adorable Sloth Steals the Show by Photobombing Rocket Launch
This story is as cute as it sounds. See how Gerard, the sloth, made a lasting impression during the European Space Agency’s launch of Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer. 


Drone Camera at NBA Game is Lambasted by Basketball Fans
A drone camera stirs up a storm of criticism at an NBA game. Read more about the viewpoints and reactions from fans expressing their discontent over the intrusion.