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December 04, 2018

Increase Your Twitter Following with These Tips

Each social media platform is unique in its own way, so the way you gain attention and interact with others will vary. Scott Stratten, a marketing pro and Imaging USA 2019 keynote speaker, has created tips on how to use Twitter to maximize your business promotions:

  1. Tweet Consistently. Tweets are easy and quick to create, so if you only tweet once a day, your tweet will immediately become buried in hundreds of others. Tweeting multiple times a day is not excessive; it’s encouraged.
  2. Tweet Well. Don’t just try to promote yourself and brand; think about what others want to see. Create content that will benefit others and draw interest to yourself.
  3. Answer Calls for Help. When someone asks a question, jump in quick and give them an answer. You’re likely to gain a few followers from being friendly and informative.
  4. Be Authentic. Constantly talking about business on your business account can be boring for consumers, so try to mix it up to keep them interested. Mention your interests and post your opinions on topics.
  5. Use Your Face. Using your face as your profile picture rather than a company logo will allow Twitter users to feel more comfortable following you and interacting.

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