In Your Face! Demo Classes Available at Imaging USA 2018

01-17-PPA-Imaging-Mon-04953.jpgAre you looking to take in some live demonstrations at Imaging USA? The Demo classes are guaranteed to give you a jolt of inspiration as you witness top instructors working live, in front of you. 

As you prepare for the world's largest pro-photography convention, keep these Demo classes in mind to catapult your business!

Sunday, January 14th, 2018: 

8-9:30am: 5-minute Photography - Booray Perry Cr.Photog., CPP (sponsored by Miller's Professional Imaging)


In any circumstance, in any setting, a good photographer should be able to capture a great portrait. Yet on-location shoots can make even the most talented professionals panic. Never fear! Booray Perry provides you with a step-by-step system that will eliminate the stress and worry of on-location photo-shoots and give you the confidence you need. Learn how to assess your location and determine which path to follow to achieve great images. This class will help you explore what to do when using natural light, bounce flash, or off-camera light. Booray will also conduct a demo to show you what he does and how he reacts each time a new element changes his image. You'll discover how to work through them and produce a final, award-winning result. Whether you shoot weddings, Seniors, events, or portraits, you will learn how to work faster and smarter, on-location and under pressure, for results that will wow!    

5-6:15pm: Pro-tween-ographer: How to become 'THE' Photographer Tweens Choose - Kay Eskridge M.Photog.Cr., CPP (sponsored by Kodak Alaris) 

Do you want to plan, advertise, and implement portrait experiences that will bring in year-round cash flow? Do you want to feel good about what you do as a professional photographer? Do you want to give your clients something to rave about? If you answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions, this is the program for you! Today's social media has changed how young people deal with self-image, especially girls in their tweens (ages 9-12). During this program, you'll learn how to embrace this demographic and position yourself as the Tween Choice in your community. Kay will cover different types of marketing approaches, various portrait programs to offer for this specific niche, and the psychology needed to ensure a successful portrait experience. You will learn how to successfully manage a pre-portrait consultation and then get a live demo, showing the appropriate lighting and posing for this age range. Discover how to stay true to your craft and your clients. After this program, you'll be equipped to make your tweens and their parents happy, while producing portraits that everyone will love.  

6:45-8pm: The Painterly Photo - Thomas Dodd 

In this demonstration, acclaimed photographer and digital artist Thomas Dodd will show you the methods and techniques he uses to get his signature “painterly” look. Thomas will share his philosophy and how this artistic effect is not achieved solely in the editing process but rather how it begins even before the photograph is taken with important components like model and wardrobe selection, lighting techniques, and backdrop choices. Thomas has his own way to make you discover how intentional pre-shoot planning and a steady diet of classic art can contribute to the images you will create. Thomas will also show you how to manipulate color and light in a way that mimics painting of the Old Masters. In this program, you will learn Photoshop editing techniques and tips that will give your images that perfect embellishment, creating an artistic masterpiece. Thomas will even show you some of his finishing techniques, including how to add actual paint -and other materials- on top of the printed pixels. From initial planning to the actual painting and final touches, this class is a must as it will help you transform your photos from images to art!

Monday, January 15th, 2018: 

8-9:30am: Maternity Posing & Lighting - Alli Peck

Maximize the tools of your trade as you learn to create outstanding images. Using live models, Instructor Alli Peck will demonstrate maternity posing at its finest. Learn the poses that showcase your clients' beauty, grace and poise in your maternity sessions. You will also delve into lighting techniques and learn to use both one light and strip lighting to achieve optimum effects. This workshop gives you the skills, but also the confidence, to conduct successful maternity shoots with stunning results!

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