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March 19, 2020

Fear Shouldn’t Keep You From Focusing On Your Business During This Time. Check Out These Tips For Staying Productive And Engaged Despite Cancellations And Social Distancing Efforts.

Even the most successful photographers have a slow season, but in uncertain times like these, concerns tend to heighten. So let’s look at the silver lining and turn this into an opportunity to be proactive and focus on continued education, professional development, and building your brand. This way, you can be ready to conquer the world when we come out on the other side of this. This is not the first crisis our industry has faced and it won’t be the last (unfortunately!), But the best thing we can do is come together as a community to support each other during this time. We are all facing new and strange territory as we walk through this world-wide situation. Small business owners are especially affected and at PPA, we’re here to help. We are taking various steps to ensure that more photographers have access to the tools and resources they need to better navigate these uncharted waters. This includes expanded educational opportunities, access to additional resources and a focus on community. In this article, we want to give you some insight on what you have access to as well as what we are working to bring you over the next few weeks.


We are all facing new and strange territory as we walk through this world-wide situation. 




PPA’s Educational Resources for your Business

Our online education is now accessible to any photographer with a free PPA account. This is meant to give all of the professionals in our industry an opportunity to focus on continuing their education and strengthening their business during this time.


Our online classes cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Branding, Sales & Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Inspiration & Professional Development 
  • Photography Technique (think lighting, posing, post-production, etc)
  • Videos on specific photography genres and best practices
  • And so much more! 

Check out the full video library or create your free account today.


Upcoming Webinars and Facebook Live Sessions

On top of opening up our online education, we are putting together additional webinars and Facebook Live sessions over the next few weeks to help support and guide you during this time. If you can’t attend the live sessions of our webinars, be sure to register anyway and you will receive a link to watch the replay at your convenience! You may have joined in on our latest webinars, ‘Navigating Contract Cancellations’ and ‘Navigating Unfamiliar Territory & Finding Your Focus’ - if not, you can now watch the replay of both at your convenience -  yes, for free!

We also had a Facebook Live session, ‘In It Together’, with Angela Kurkian, Kira Derryberry, and Mary Fisk-Taylor. Yes, there are some big challenges facing us but there are some poignant and even positive unintended consequences to the situation we find ourselves. In this session we talked about ways we can face these issues and make the most of our time so that when things turn around we’ll all be ready. You can watch the replay here!


New YouTube Playlist for Photographers: How to make the best of forced downtime

During this time of isolation and social distancing, we have been inspired and encouraged by those in our industry willing to freely share information that supports photographers as small business owners. This new YouTube Playlist spotlights resources and inspiration for photographers, ensuring that you make it to the other side of this stronger and even more prepared for success.  Over the next few weeks, we will be updating and adding to this list.


Running a photography business is hard work on the best of days but in these tough times with cancellations and social distancing efforts being put in place, it can feel impossible to run your business effectively. But you can choose to be proactive during this time and focus on the things you might not have the time for under normal circumstances. Take a moment to set some specific goals for yourself during this time; your goals could include specific things you want to get accomplished, skills you want to learn, videos you want to watch, or maybe books you want to read. No matter your goals, getting them written down and having a plan will help you stay focused and proactive in achieving them.



Is your website up to date? How about your social media platforms? Online store? Blog? This is a great opportunity for you to give your online presence and marketing materials an update or refresh! If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog on your website or add an online shop to sell prints or other products, now is the time to explore your options! If you’ve always struggled with social media content and planning, take some time to check out one (or more) of the many social media management tools like Planoly, Later, Hootsuite and Buffer. All of these platforms have free options for small businesses that will allow you to test them out and see if they work for you. If you are looking for a way to refresh your marketing and graphics, another free tool to check out is Canva. It is a great online design platform that allows you to easily create marketing materials and advertising for your business, everything from Instagram posts & stories and pinterest-worthy blog graphics to website and Facebook headers! 


Get a Jump on Spring Cleaning

We don’t mean cleaning out the attic, although that might be on your to-do list as well. We’re talking about spring cleaning for your business. Are you behind on backing up your files? Maybe you need to take some time to go back through your hard drives to sort, re-organize, edit or cull older files. If you have a studio space, this would be a great time to clean and organize. Do you need to give a little extra attention to your finances and bookkeeping? If you don’t outsource this part of your business, now is a great time to get organized and get your books in order. How about your client lists? Do you have all of your client’s contact information organized in a way that makes it easy to contact them? Have you been wanting to get around to creating an email list to send your clients updates, specials or alerts? Here’s your chance! 



::New:: Wedding Photography Facebook Group by PPA

We are excited to announce the launch of a new Wedding Photography Group on Facebook that is open to all wedding photographers (aspiring and pros)—both PPA members and non-members. This group will focus on providing education, community, and support to wedding photographers and aspiring wedding photographers alike. Join in on the conversation!



If you are a member of PPA, don’t forget about theLoop! It’s a PPA-only community where members connect, ask questions, seek advice and help others. In this uncertain time, that fueling our strong community is extremely important for all of us.


PPA Affiliate organizations

PPA has affiliate organizations located all over the country. National and regional, state and local—no matter where you live, odds are there's a PPA Affiliate association waiting to welcome you with open arms! Now is a great time to grow your professional support network (albeit virtually!) and connect with a community of like-minded professionals in your industry. 



Focus on your Business

  • Create some short term goals for yourself to help you stay focused during this time
  • Sort, organize and back-up your files
  • Get your financial books in order or focus on tax prep
  • Update your website, social media platforms and marketing materials
  • Start or update your Blog. This is a great time to generate ideas and create a few blog posts that you can publish at a later date
  • Create your marketing calendar for the remainder of the year
  • Pre-schedule social media posts and check out some social management platforms
  • Set up e-commerce selling on your website for printed products

Get Creative


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