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September 15, 2017

Improving Food Photography, Copyright Law and the Value of SEO: Top Blog Posts for the Week of September 11-15, 2017

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We are exactly one week away from the first official day of Fall! You can feel it in the air - literally. But, if you're not one to easily acclimate to the cooler weather, we've got you covered. Feel free to check out our top posts from September 11-15 while you enjoy the indoors with a cup of hot chocolate. 

My Photographs Were Used Without My Permission: Now What?

COPYRIGHT LAW: Copyright infringement can be a serious dilemma, but hiring an attorney isn't the simplest process either. PPA Today walks you through not only essential steps you can take to resolve your copyright issue as thoroughly as possible, but also how PPA can help! 

What Photographers Need to Know About SEO!

ONLINE MARKETING: The digital world can be a confusing one; nevertheless, it is a world businesses need to familiarize themselves with. Rob Greer, shares insight with on how Search Engine Optimization can help photographers expand their businesses. 

Use Psychology to Take Better Portraits

PSYCHOLOGY: When people tell you, "It's all in your head," they may not be kidding. Paul Adshead delves into how a keen understanding of psychology can make a world of a difference in conveying your portraits' message.


5 Ways to Improve Your Food Photography

FOODIE: Natural lighting. Keeping things simple. Scott Choucino provides 5 useful tips for photographers - professional or amateur - looking to take their food photography skills to the next level. 

5 Dos and Don'ts When Shooting With Models

ETIQUETTE: Working with models can be a fun and enjoyable experience for a photographer, but the process can also be awkward if handled unprofessionally. Jayphen Simpson for PetaPixel suggests these 10 tips when your photo shoots involve models. 


You Bought a Drone...What's Next?

SKY HIGH PHOTOGRAPHY: Drones can literally take your photography to places it's never gone before, so be sure to check the latest article from PPA's Sidra Safri regarding the legal steps you'll need to take to safeguard your drone photography.

What Makes a Photograph or Print Fine Art?

PODCAST: There are your run-of-the-mill photos you see at a gift shop, and then there is exquisite work that separates itself from the pack. But, what defines exquisite? Martin Bailey discusses his standards of how a photograph or print should be considered, "fine art." 


Some Advice on How to Take Better Architectural Photos 

DIFFERENT ANGLE: Look in any photographer's portfolio. Chances are you'll find images of a building, infrastructure or monument. Peter McKinnon invites you to try a few methods to up your architectural photography game.


Saving Priceless Family Photos from Floods

DOING GOOD: We've all heard stories of people putting themselves in harms way to salvage a priceless memory. This one's for real. Michael C. Duke recollects him and his family's struggle to rescue family photos amidst the damage dished out by Hurricane Harvey.

Photo Marketing to Enhance Your Brand - INFOGRAPHIC

BUSINESS: Digital platforms are the future of business. David Wallace shares an infographic from Ignite Images Photography, illustrating how using images and online photo marketing can result in a drastic boost to your brand awareness.

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David Eun is a Marketing Intern at Professional Photographers of America (PPA). A Boston University alumnus, David earned a B.S. in Advertising and has found himself at PPA, hoping to take his communication skills to the next level! Outside of work, you'll find him training Mixed Martial Arts, hiking, touring museums and saving up to purchase his favorite dog - Doberman Pinscher!