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August 08, 2018

Improve Your In-Person Photography Sales with August’s Free Video

Running a successful in-person sales session can seem daunting. If you're intimidated by selling to your clients, August's free video is here to help!Free PPAedu Video August 2018

"In-Person Sales: Q&A with Andrew Funderburg" will get you ready to sell photography to your clients without fear. Andrew will be answering questions about the importance of printing and in-person sales and how to run a successful sales session that both you and your clients will enjoy. This is an important topic, and even small tweaks to your sales system could produce significant results!

If you are not a member of PPA, you can still view this video in its entirety through  the month of August; But if you'd like to get FREE access to all 1,000+ videos that are in PPA's Online Learning Center, then join PPA today!