Imaging USA 2016 Day 2: Kicking Things Up a Notch!


Wow, everyone. Sorry. I don't know what happened. I'm usually so calm and composed but my first couple of posts about Imaging USA have had the tone of a 12-year old girl's post to Justin Bieber's Facebook page. I'm fine now, though. I've adjusted to the constant flow of positive vibes and stream of new friends I'm making by the second. I'm now used to the passion, the parties, the pride I'm seeing photographers take in their work and their generosity with sharing their knowledge with anyone who needs it. I'm jaded now. 

Just kidding! Of course I'm still walking around with my jaw on the floor! In fact, if you see me around at the Imaging Expo tomorrow, come pinch me and wake me up. 



The day kicked off with morning classes and there were twice as many today as yesterday. The tradeshow doors opened at 11:30am and was just as full of happy and excited photographers the second time around. I was able to interview vendors today and their excitement over sharing new products and trends with their clients was contagious.


There was a LOT of chatter on the Expo floor after the 10am class with Sue Bryce. I heard the term "fangirl/boy" maybe ten times from as many different people. Other amazing speakers today included Lisa Evans, M.Photog.Cr., Chris Garner, CPP, Clyde Butcher, and Terri Eddington, M.Photog, CPP.


A video went up earlier today about last night's jam-packed Opening Party, sponsored by Canon. In one of our greatest opening party turnouts, guests were treated to more delicious food than they could handle and several models roaming the ballroom dressed in fun costumes including retro and superhero fashions.  

Watch the video and re-live a night you maybe can't remember or have major jealousy for missing out on completely. Don't have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) tomorrow night! Be sure to attend the Closing Party at the Aquarium, featuring catering by Wolfgang Puck! 

The day ended with one of the highlights of everyone's year, the Grand Imaging Awards. The best of the best in PPA's loan collection were honored. The winners in each category were:

Ted Linczak---Non-Event Album

Jerry Ghionis---Event Album

Sandra Pearce---Artist

Peter Lik---Landscape/Nature

Ben Shirk---Illustrative/Commercial

Paul Ernest---General Portrait

Abby Ziemer Malone---Animal Portrait

Dan McClanahan---High School Senior Portrait

Kimberly Smith---Fishin' Buddies

JB Sallee---Wedding

and the Grand Imaging Award for 2015 goes to...

Ted Linczak for his Non-Event Album, 1863

Tomorrow's going to be full of excitement. From the Award and Degree ceremony to unbelievable prizes and surprises on the Expo floor. I'm signing off for the night. I can't believe tomorrow is the last day! If you've missed out this year, don't let it happen again. You have GOT to join PPA and see what all the fuss is about by being a member of the world's oldest and largest nonprofit association for photographers by photographers. Need an incentive? If you join, you get to go to next year's Imaging USA in San Antonio...for FREE.


Watch our daily Recap Video here for an up-close look at all that went down.

*** all photos © Alex the Photo Guy***

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