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December 30, 2016

Imaging USA 2017, New Year’s Resolutions, and Winter Photography: Our Top Blog Posts From December 26-30!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Weekly_Top_Ten_Drumroll.jpgChristmas is gone and the countdown to the New Year is on!  So as the holiday season begins to wind down and you reflect on 2016, use our favorite blog posts of the week for inspiration to make New Year's resolutions for 2017! Happy New Year!

Why Imaging USA?

IMAGING USA: There are already a bajillion reasons to go to Imaging USA, but your peers can give you one more. Check out this bog with testimonials about how the Imaging USA experience changed their perspective on the photography business.

The Excuses Photographers Make

BUSINESS: Now is a better time than ever to be more assertive and build a better business. Instead of using common excuses, take the plunge, and challenge yourself to be more. Read this article about some of the common excuses photographers use, and how to overcome them in the new year!   

This 76-Year-Old Has Spent His Entire Life Repairing Cameras

INSPIRATION: Many photographers dedicate their lives to the craft and to photographing others. However, not many devote their lives to simply repairing cameras. Watch this 2-minute documentary about David Drills, a man who has spent his entire life repairing cameras.

Tip: Use the 3-2-1 Rule to Safely Back Up Your Precious Photos

BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY: As a photographer your work is your most prized possession, so why not make sure its safe. Your work could be lost, stolen, or destroyed and if its not backed up you could lose everything. Read this article and watch the video on a foolproof method of backing up your photos!

Ten Tips for Flying a Drone in Winter and Capturing Great Photos

DRONES WHEN ITS COLD AND WINDY: Its cold outside, and although winter weather provides inspiration for great drone photography there may be some preparation required before you head out. Get ten tips for helping your drone be more effective during the winter months in this post!

Why Cinema Lenses Are Measured With T-Stops And What's the Difference With An F-Stop?

JARGON EXPLAINED: When it comes to lenses Cinema glass has always been superior to DSLR, but with the right pairings DSLR s are fully capable of creating decent films. Instead of comparing glass quality check out how this article compares the T-stop measure and the f-stop, which really makes the difference in the lenses.

3 Photography New Years Resolutions That You Should Break On January 2nd

RESOLUTIONS: With the New Year comes new resolutions, and although the goal is typically to stick to your resolution, this article says otherwise. Read why you should get rid of these three New Year's resolutions before you even start!

Patrick Temme's Inspiring Environmental Portraits Of People In Tigray, Ethiopia

ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAITS: Photographing environmental portraits requires photographers to capture the essence of who subjects are in their own element. Patrick Temme's most recent environmental portrait session beautifully captures the culture and spirit of people of Tigray, Ethiopia. See just how he got the job done in this article!

4 New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep By Attending Imaging USA

2017 RESOLUTIONS: Imaging USA is only a week away and with all the education and professional opportunities around the convention you're sure to keep up with your New Year's resolutions. Read this blog post about the best ways to keep up with your resolutions while at Imaging USA 2017!

Watch Bella Kotak Edit a Winter-Themed Fantasy Image

EDITING: When it comes to creating winter themed images a balanced mix of photography and digital manipulation is used to achieving the desired look of the photo. Watch as master photo manipulator Bella Kottak takes this winter-themed photo to the next level using digital manipulation.

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