How Will Getty Images Going All Royalty Free Impact You?


Getty Images has decided to turn its creative stock photography offerings to a Royalty Free licensing model, and they’re completely ditching Rights Managed licensing. This is great for consumers, but it is going to be an issue for the photography industry.

In PetaPixel’s article, DL Cade notes that Getty Images only included the interests of the photographers once in the entire email announcing this transition. This is concerning since Getty Images is fueled by photographers. 

Because of this change, contributors will lose control over how their licensed images are used. To learn more about how this can impact you, make sure to check out the article. 

There are always changes in the photography industry, but you need to be on top of them. If you want to learn more about what’s happening, go to the article on PetaPixel! Want more articles like this? Join PPA now!