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October 09, 2018

How to Package Your Photography Product to Sell More

Photographers often don’t realize the importance of packaging your product in a way that makes it appealing. PPA releases a free PhotoVision video every month, and in this month’s video, Allison Tyler Jones guides you through her process of how she picks the images to display and how to exhibit them in a way that calls to the customer.

The latest PhotoVision video, "Product and Packaging” with Allison Tyler Jones, will guide you through how to provide the perfect product for your client. She discusses how your business’ location can affect what’s your top-selling product, and how to counter clients who want to buy smaller sizes. Along with that, this video will teach you how to sell your photos as a complete package to satisfy more consumers. Take notes and add Allison’s strategies to your business!

PPA members have access to this video as well as 1,000 other informative videos due to PPA’s great Online Learning Center. If you want to be a member and have access to all of these videos, join PPA today!