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September 13, 2023

6 Ways to Help Your Clients Prepare for Their Photo Session

A photography session can be either a delightful, creative journey or a stressful disappointment for everyone involved. As the photographer, it's your responsibility to foster an atmosphere that puts your clients at ease. To ensure your clients' satisfaction, learn how to anticipate and manage their expectations regarding the final product.


1. The Proof is in the Preparation

Preparation is key, and it all starts with pre-session consultations. These one-on-one meetings allow you and your clients to shape the session's direction before the shoot. By understanding your clients' goals and vision, you provide them with a clear picture of the final product they can expect. Pre-session consultations are invaluable, whether you specialize in weddings, portraits, commercial, or editorial projects. Taking the time to learn about your clients' personalities and expectations lays the foundation for a successful professional relationship, benefiting both the photo shoot and future collaborations.

Explore detailed insights on preparing for a successful pre-session consultation in the "Pre-Sessions Consultations Guide for Photographers," available with your PPA membership.

2. Start with the End in Mind

Begin by understanding your client's intended use for the photographs and work backward from there. Will they adorn their mantelpiece or website with the images? Is there a plan for a printed album? Tailor your approach to the envisioned environment, ensuring the final product aligns with their goals.


3. Select the Perfect Setting

Collaborate with your client to choose the ideal location for the shoot. Determine whether a studio or a meaningful location resonates with their vision. Non-professional models often feel more comfortable on location, surrounded by personal significance. Keep their story in mind to guide you toward the perfect backdrop.


4. Guide Wardrobe Choices

Help your clients select attire that enhances, rather than distracts from, the photos. Recommend clothing without distracting logos or patterns. Discuss sleeve length, color palettes, layers, and textures that enrich the visual narrative. Understand what outfits make them feel confident and comfortable while accentuating their skin tone. Here's a handy guide to assist in clothing choices for a photoshoot.


5. Hair & Makeup Matters

Don't assume your clients will arrive camera-ready. Stress the importance of professional hair and makeup services. Explain how it adds value to the final results. Consider establishing partnerships with hair and makeup professionals to offer package deals to clients. Avoid last-minute arrangements by discussing this ahead of time. Don't forget to remind clients to have camera-ready nails!


6. Craft a Memorable Experience

On the day of the shoot, create a comfortable, creative atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. Utilize lighting, humor, and music to showcase your expertise and ensure a fun, rewarding experience for your clients. Boost their confidence by discussing the outstanding images, leaving them with a positive memory.

A well-executed pre-session consultation sets you apart, resulting in better outcomes, happier clients, and a thriving referral network. By investing time in client preparation, you not only save time but also lay the groundwork for a remarkable client experience, paving the way for future success.


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