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June 12, 2018

How to Handle Rude Comments as a Professional Photographer (and other hot discussions on theLoop!)

One of the best parts of networking is getting recommendations from other professionals in your industry. Since professional photography can be a rather individualized field, sometimes it’s hard to find that sense of community… but that’s why PPA created theLoop, an exclusive social network only for pro photographers!

theLoop is where hundreds of discussions happen daily on topics ranging from gear and education to best practices, workflow, and everything in between! You’ve got to be a member of PPA to take advantage of theLoop, but the PPA membership is only $27.92 a month and comes with a whole range of other benefits

Here are a few recent discussions on theLoop:

No dinner
This photographer just learned that his gig to shoot a wedding will not include dinner. What are your thoughts on that? Do you write a provision into your contract that you and your team will be fed during long jobs, or do you make other plans? Weigh in! 

Copyright questions and funerals
A woman’s son died, and she asked this PPA member to digitally augment a portrait of her son to be displayed during the funeral, but a different photographer took the portrait decades ago. Could this be copyright infringement? Log in and contribute to the discussion.

She was told to "go to CHINA"
This Looper was contracted to shoot an event, but she was given a rude response from another photographer on site when she informed him that she was the official photographer. How do you deal with people who get in the way of you doing your job?

Desperately seeking labels
This photographer is looking for recommendations for labels to put on the back of printed and framed work. Add a suggestion of your own, or get a few ideas!

So as you see, theLoop is a great place for PPA members to connect with each other, share information/advice, get image feedback, and overall, a place to go if you need help. Become a PPA member so you can "stay in the loop," and if you already are, then head over to theLoop to see what everyone's buzzing about!