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October 16, 2018

How to Create Unique Senior Portraits

Howie McCormick is a popular senior portrait photographer from West Virginia, and through his experiences he’s learned the best ways to take senior portraits. He attributes his success to tailoring every shoot to match the personality of the individual client.

Howie has 15 tips on how to make your shoots as unique as possible to draw interest from all over.

  1. Know Your Audience. Trends go in and out daily, so try to keep up with what’s popular with a younger audience. It’s important to know what they dislike, how to relate to them, and what appeals to them.
  2. Know Your Clients. Take time to get to know your client. Ask about their hobbies, interests, and what they hope to get out of the photo shoot.
  3. Customize. Try to morph together the interests of the clients, their parents, and current trends to create an image that the client will love.
  4. Pay Attention to the Little Things. Be willing to go the extra mile to make your shoot stand out and to make your client happy.
  5. Make Everything Low Pressure. Many people aren’t used to being photographed, so don’t rush them. Try to set aside 20 minutes to sit down and talk to your client in order to get them more comfortable and relaxed.
  6. Take Responsibility. Sometimes clients can get angry or be difficult, and when this happens, the best course of action is to take responsibility and find a possible solution.

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