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January 08, 2019

How to Create the Best Branding Style Guide for Your Photography Business  

Big corporations like Nike and McDonald’s understand the importance of branding, and in order to improve your photography business, you should adopt the same strategy.

Using style guides allows you to convey your brand to your intended audience. To create a brand, you need to pay attention to your company’s attitude and actions, as well as its personalized logo. Details like colors and fonts are especially important depending on the kind of brand you envision for your business.

Developing a branding style guide will attract customers who have similar values, work ethic, and interests as you, who are willing to spend money on your services. This will allow your business to become more successful and increase your revenue.

A branding style guide is completely controlled by you, so you can make it whatever you want! It can be incredibly detailed or simple. To get you started, here are some factors you’ll want to include in your branding style guide:

  1. Brand promise. Create a statement that captures the core of your company and stands as a promise to your clients.
  2. Brand position. This statement will provide details to your brand promise. Show what makes you stand out from your competition. When you’re making company decisions, keep your brand position in mind, and make sure everything you do follows it.
  3. Brand pillars. These pillars give your clients reasons to believe your brand promise and position. The pillars help clients understand even farther what you stand for and what your company believes in.
  4. Voice of your brand. What words to you want to describe your business? How do you want clients to describe your services? Look to customers to help you understand what they see from your business and to define your brand’s voice.
  5. Logo and typeface. Draw up multiple logos with different backgrounds, images, and fonts. Find the perfect fit for your company. You’ll want to find the best one because it’s what clients will immediately associate with your company.
  6. Colors. Pick a few colors to use in your logo, website, and social media accounts. Have a reason for picking those specific colors and find a way to make them relate to your brand promise and position.

It takes time to create a branding style guide, but it’s worth the effort because it will take your business to the next level. Along with that, it will allow clients to more easily relate to your company, as well as giving them a recognizable picture they can attach to your name.

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