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January 10, 2020

How Has Your Photography Evolved In Ten Years? Check Out These Articles For The Inspiration You Need To Boost Your Creativity In The New Year

On the tenth day of 2020, what better way to start off a brand new decade than by looking back on the photography innovations from the 2010s? Photography has evolved, from the gear professional photographers use and the techniques involved in photoshoots, to the decade-defining images that have been produced over the years. Let’s look back at these changes to commemorate the New Year:

“Calling the Shots: The 12 Most Exciting Cameras of the Decade”

This article by Amy Davies from Techradar takes us on a nostalgia trip back to 2010 when the Nokia N8 was one of the best smartphones out there and everyone swore by Mirrorless DSLRs. Techradar makes educated predictions for the rise of camera technology in the 2020s: “Over the next decade, though, we expect smartphones to further challenge the traditional camera, DSLRs to become a thing of the past, and for prices to come down as the technology starts to plateau.” We’ll just have to get through the decade to see if their estimates will be correct.

Check out the article here to read Techradar’s full list of notable cameras through the 2010s as they walk through the first camera phone up to modern-day drone cameras.

“Best of 2019: Top 50 Photographs From Around The World”

The My Modern MET Team takes you through 50 of the best photographs from 2019. Let’s begin this year with some photo inspiration and brainstorm what game-changing photos you can create in the New Year and beyond.

The photos featured in this article range from adorable animal images to breathtaking landscapes and everything in between. These photos are larger than life, captivating, and inspire reflection in whoever witnesses them. Study the portraiture, landscapes, and fine art images in this roundup of the 50 best photos of 2019 and carry some great ideas into the New Year. Check out these photos today for the creative boost that your photography needs in 2020.

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