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October 01, 2019

How Does Your Gear Bag Impact Your Business? Define Your Brand By Investing In The Right Equipment For You!

The gear you carry says a lot about you! Each photographer has their own preferences in cameras, lenses, etc. and PPA loves to learn about the thought process behind each photographer’s shoots. This is why we reached out to our members and asked them to open up their bags for the community to see. Here’s a look at the gear that PPA member William Morton likes to use!

William Morton shared a great assortment of equipment that he loves to use on his shoots. This is a very satisfying display to all of the photographers here at PPA! There’s nothing more beautiful than our go-to equipment.

For Morton, having a bag with a lot of room is essential for his career.

“I shoot large conventions, and need to have a little of everything. Much of this is on my body when I'm actively shooting - either hanging on a BlackRapid Dual strap or in a pouch on my ThinkTank Photo belt system.”

His equipment bag has been steadily growing over the years. “Every item has been deliberately added over time, based on need.”

Morton gave his fellow members a great understanding of his style and process by explaining why the color and light meters are the unsung heroes of the photography world. He prioritizes going the extra mile to ensure that the environment and the subject will mesh together perfectly in the finished product.

“Nowadays I'd say that the color meter is underrated. It seems like most people count on finding something white to balance off of in post. I prefer to get it right in camera, so that I have less work to do on the backend.” 

Morton finds the color meter valuable because it allows him to meter the stage lighting before an event starts, so he can account for both exposure and color. Talk about a time saver! By using the color meter, he’s able to get the exposure right from the 1st shot, as he continues to expound upon and “accurately measure the ambient so that he can gel my flash to match.”

The light meter  also makes it easy to adjust the reading for different (but equivalent) settings on different cameras.

William's go-to items are his D850 camera, battery, and memory card. "The only items that I could not possibly go without would be fourfold: my D850, 24-70mm f/2.8, battery and memory card of course!"

Thank you for sharing your gear with us, William! We love that you’re going the extra mile to achieve the shots that your clients would like to see.

We love to talk equipment because behind every great gear bag is a great photographer with a unique style and process. Your personality and your passion live in the work that you do—embrace the YOU in your photography.

William Morton teaches digital photography for Digital Photo Academy and manages Camera Ready studios in Dallas, Texas. Learn more about William on theLoop or his business website

Keep an eye out on theLoop for more chances to share your bag with us!