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November 12, 2019

Have You Seen What’s Hot on the Loop? This Week Your Members Talked About Light Problems, The Photoshop Update and So Much More!

TheLoop is always buzzing with new questions, comments and dilemmas from PPA members. Check out what you missed out on this week:

Lighting Problems

This looper is having serious lighting problems. After her last senior photo shoot, she noticed that her subject’s face was way too bright. The subject’s face in the image is lighter than he is used to, and this looper needs help getting the photo to better resemble the client’s skin-tone. There is currently a time crunch and she is also working on three other editing sessions right now. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve this subject’s complexion? Let this looper know ASAP!

Photoshop Update

After a recent photoshop update, this looper has noticed that the creative suite isn’t working the way it used to. Lightroom classic and Bridge were working fine, but Photoshop was another story. Now they have noticed that Photoshop is very slow with long pauses between refreshes, saves that used to happen in the background now interrupt work, along with other issues. If you have any advice on what to do, leave a message in the thread.

Printer Fine Art

After years of relying on professional labs for their portrait work, this looper is ready to learn how to print large images. The only thing holding them back is navigating which current high-quality printers, paper, canvases etc are the best to use for their large prints. Head over to the thread and leave them a suggestion!


Over the past year, this looper has decided to cut down on the amount of equipment they travel with for conference headshots. They currently use a Westcott X-drop gray backdrop, Nikon flashes and Westcott white shoot-through umbrellas, but they have noticed an issue with shine and light quality. Even though they always use a light meter, they still feel like their photos aren’t where they want them to be. If you have any suggestions on what this looper should use to improve the lighting for their subjects, feel free to stop by to the thread.

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