Have You Seen theLoop Recently? This Week Members Have Been Discussing Imaging USA, Lightroom, and So Much More!


TheLoop is always popping up with new questions, comments and concerns from PPA members. Check out what you missed out on this week:

Wedding Album Labs

This Looper wants to find the perfect wedding album for his daughter without breaking the bank. He’s checked out BayPhoto and WHCC, but noticed that there are big differences between the labs. This looper is in search of an album that is part photo on the cover, has either leather or wood, and is good for printing. Stop by his thread, and let him know what your favorite quality albums are!

Attending Imaging USA

This Looper is torn between whether or not she should go to Imaging USA. As a new member, she gets access to free registration for Imaging USA in their first year, but since her business is brand new, her profits are a little tight for traveling to Tennessee. This looper can afford to go, but wants to make sure that the value of information she walks away with is going to outweigh the travel costs to the convention. Let this looper know what's in store for her at Imaging USA, and if it is worth the journey!

Lightroom to Photoshop and Back Editing

This Looper is fed up with his editing. Every time he takes an edited Photoshop file, places it in Lightroom, and tries to open it the updated file is not there. He can’t find it anywhere on his Mac! When he works with larger Photoshop files this happens to him more frequently. If you have any insight to what could be happening, let this Looper know ASAP! 

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