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September 06, 2019

Have You Seen the Hot Topics Currently on the Loop?

September 3, 2019

PPA members are constantly utilizing the Loop as a professional resource to share all their industry questions. This week’s hot topics include sales, commercial photography, copyright ownership, digitizing techniques, school portraits, and more! 

Photographing an Event

The post begins as a topic on ownership rights and becomes more complex as more members contribute, but the central question of the author is answered: for an organization that is not seeking to profit from images, it is typical to grant them rights except copyright ownership.

Members who relayed their own experiences primarily suggested that the author accept the position, but emphasized that it is important that any business understands the difference between copyright ownership and ownership for the sake of marketing.

Questions re Architects Proposal

The Looper behind this post is seeking advice from experienced architectural photographers on typical of rights ownership in corporate architecture photography and if his client was asking too much of the service. 

This thread teaches both the author and the PPA community how to balance Cost of Business with legal specifics regarding copyright ownership. The professionals who replied to the original post agreed that drafting a clear and concise contract is the best way to maintain the firm as a client and protect your business.

Commercial Photography

This post centers on copyright ownership and how to charge clients in proportion to their requests. The client wishes to use the images taken by the author for advertising, marketing, and social media.

The author of the post receives good advice from peers who shared their perspective on group portraits, and the general consensus among commenters is that you need to consider your Cost of Business and Cost of Goods when pricing any session. 

School Portraits

This PPA member’s chief concern is that she is not receiving a large enough profit in exchange for the work she puts in for photo sessions over multiple weekends.

Those who replied had varying experiences to inspire their advice, but the conclusion reached is that the author needed to focus on her Cost of Business, as well as offering a variety of packages.

Digitizing Slides

The central question behind this thread focuses on a photography technique and the best way to digitize photo slides or the best equipment to use. Members of the community suggested different models of scanners to utilize, and many shared DIY techniques. 

The diversity in responses that you will receive by posting in the Loop is what makes the platform such a key resource for professional advice. Do not be afraid to take advantage of the Loop to grow your photography skills, connect with fellow industry professionals, and gain advice on every aspect of your day-to-day business.

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