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February 18, 2020

Have You Posted To TheLoop Lately? Join These Conversations About Tripods, Wedding Photography, And More Today!

One of the best things about the PPA is our tight-knit community of like-minded photographers. Whenever you need a question answered or you’d like to get to know more photographers in your area, theLoop is the place for you! Here are the most popular conversations you’ve been having lately ontheLoop.

“I Need Some Guidance…”
This Looper is new to the wedding photography world and wants to ensure that she’s setting herself up for success. She’s communicating with a client who invited their family friend to act as a second shooter. The author of this post is conflicted on how they should approach the client’s decision to hire a professional while having their friend there to try and capture every moment. Do you have any advice for this Looper? Join the thread here to add to the conversation.

This photographer is on the hunt for a new tripod. Her requirements are that it needs to be lighter than her heavy manfrotto, easy to use, can bear the weight of a Canon 5DX, and could also function as a table-top for food photography. Plenty of PPA members have already chimed in to this thread to help this author make the best decision possible, but if you have any great tripods to recommend join the thread to let her know!

“Winner Announced—February Monthly Giveaway”

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we shared our February monthly giveaway question with you asking you what made you fall in love with photography and your responses didn’t disappoint. 68+ PPA members joined this thread to spread their love for photography. We had so many responses that we wrote a blog article about the inspiring photography love stories that you shared. If you want to share the reason you fell in love with photography, join the thread today! You could be featured in a new blog article.

“Advice on Scheduling Shots of Athletes During A Tournament”

This Looper wants to improve their system for scheduling action shots of athletes during sporting events. Usually, they’ll have parents provide information about their athlete before their performance, and the photographer will wait for the parent’s reminder that their child is about to begin playing. However, this system isn’t perfect and often leads to disappointed parents who didn’t get action shots of their athletes. Do you have any advice for how this photographer can improve his workflow? Join the conversation today to let him know.

“Your Thoughts on Using Live View”
This photographer would love some advice on integrating her camera’s live view function into her photography routine. She’s using a DSLR Canon Mark 4 camera that has no swivel function and she doesn’t shoot video. She would really appreciate any advice or recommendations that you can give. Join the thread today to help this Looper out!

TheLoop is always buzzing with new questions and conversations. Visit this forum daily to see new content from your fellow PPA members. If you post a thread that becomes popular, you could even be featured in the next Hot on theLoop article! Grab a PPA membership to experience more community engagement, educational benefits, equipment insurance, and more.