Have You Ever Wondered How to Master the Art of Skin Tones in Lightroom?


Instead of investing hours of your time in Photoshop to create the perfect skin tone, consider this faster and easier solution that was in your Creative Cloud this entire time. 

Perfecting Skin tones in Lightroom

In the Fstoppers article, Alex Cooke shares the best way to fix skin tones in Lightroom. Consumers can tell when skin tones look out of place.  Even if they don’t say it, they’ll most likely make a mental note of it when considering the next photographer for their shoots. This is why you should spend the time to create natural-looking skin tones, so your work looks more professional compared to other photographers. 

You’d be surprised at how much color control Lightroom offers. If you’re not savvy at Lightroom, Cooke included a step by step tutorial from Signature Edits to help you perfect your skills working with skin tones in Lightroom! Head over to the article now to get a jumpstart in color correction. 

Tweaking skin tones can be a hassle, but thanks to this article they don’t have to be. If you want to learn more about improving color correction in your work, make sure to join PPA now to immerse yourself all of the articles we have to offer!