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January 23, 2020

Have You Checked Out this Month’s FB Live Videos? Take a Look at What’s Happening in January

FB Live sessions are the perfect way to bridge the gap between you and your clients. Discover what this month’s videos have in store for you!

How to Be as Happy as Your Social Media Looks with Jessica Abo

On January 8, Jessica Abo kicked off the 2020 FB live sessions by showing us that social media does not always reflect how one really feels on the inside. Being seen as happy on your social media platforms is one thing, but what if you were genuinely happy off-screen too? In this session, Jessica Abo addresses the connection between psychology and technology and how we can reclaim our happiness in real life while resisting the urge to compare ourselves to everyone we see on social media.

If you’re tired of putting on a mask when you post on social media, then it’s time to tune into Abo’s session.

Facing Classic Imposter Syndrome and Learned Helplessness with Ernesto Segismundo

You might be constantly berating yourself with statements like:

  • I’m scared that I’ll have an unhappy client.
  • I’m afraid I’ll run out of money.
  • I feel bad because building a business takes so much time and I’m not spending that time with my family.

Well, there’s a way to put these thoughts to rest. On January 15, Ernesto Segismundo helped viewers come to terms with your imposter syndrome. Segismundo understands how imposter syndrome and learned helplessness can get in the way of achieving your goals, which is why he helped us work towards targeting these insecurities and fears. Check out his session so that you can get back to empowering and reassuring your beliefs in yourself. The Art of Personal Branding with Tarsha Polk

To wrap up the month, Tarsha Polk will take you on a journey to redefine your personal brand. Polk is the “Marketing Lady™” who will transform the way you view your brands’ unique attributes, grow your visibility, and leverage your skills and talents so that your business becomes a force to be reckoned with. According to Polk, “when you know your brand strengths, your target audience will know, like and trust you.” By the end of this session, you’ll know how to position yourself and your business for success. Make sure to tune into this session on January 29 at 2PM.

All of our FB lives happen at 2PM, but PPA members can always look back at them after they come out. To get access to all of our FB lives and to discover the other amazing resources and perks of becoming a PPA member, join our community today!