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December 08, 2023

Guard Your Gear: Tips for Preventing Photography Equipment Theft

In the dynamic world of photography, protecting your equipment is as crucial as capturing the perfect shot. With equipment theft becoming a growing concern, photographers need to be vigilant and proactive. Partnering with Lockton Affinity, the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) offers not only essential tips to safeguard your gear but also comprehensive insurance solutions to secure your peace of mind.


Smart Equipment Management

Discreet Transport

The first line of defense against equipment theft is discretion. Using non-branded cases or bags can significantly reduce the risk of your equipment being targeted. A regular-looking roller bag, backpack, or another generic storage option makes it less obvious that you're carrying expensive gear. This simple yet effective tactic keeps potential thieves guessing and your equipment safe.


Minimizing Risk

Every additional piece of gear you bring to a shoot increases the risk of theft. Limit this risk by carrying only the essentials. Assess the requirements of your job or shoot and pack accordingly. This practice not only reduces the weight on your shoulders but also the likelihood of losing all your equipment in an unfortunate event.


Situational Awareness

Choose Your Spot Wisely

Where you place your equipment can make all the difference. When leaving gear in your vehicle, opt for well-lit and monitored parking spots. Similarly, be mindful of where you leave your bag during a shoot. An unattended bag is an open invitation to thieves.


A Helping Hand

Consider bringing a friend or co-worker to shoots. An extra pair of eyes can be invaluable in keeping your gear safe, especially when you're absorbed in your work.


Secure Storage Practices

Unattended Gear: A No-Go

The golden rule is simple: never leave your equipment unattended. If you must step away, ensure that someone you trust is watching over your gear.


Smart Vehicle Storage

Leaving a bag in plain sight in your vehicle is a clear signal for thieves. Instead, place your equipment in the trunk or cover it with a blanket to conceal it. If your vehicle lacks a trunk, creative concealment is key.


PPA’s Insurance Benefits: Your Safety Net

PhotoCare Equipment Insurance

As a full PPA member, you automatically receive PhotoCare Insurance, covering up to $15,000 in equipment insurance. This benefit ensures full replacement value for stolen or damaged equipment, offering relief and security in your photography adventures, whether you're on a local assignment or an exotic safari.


Beyond the Basics: PhotoCare Plus and General Liability Insurance

For those needing more comprehensive coverage, PPA offers PhotoCare Plus and General Liability Insurance. These options provide an added layer of protection, ensuring that your investment in photography is secured against a wider array of risks.


Protecting Your Investment

Understanding your insurance coverage is crucial. With PPA’s insurance options, you benefit from full replacement value and flat deductibles for repairs and replacements. This means your investments in cameras, lenses, lighting setups, and computer hardware are protected more efficiently and effectively.



Theft prevention is all about being smart, discreet, and prepared. By following these practical tips and taking advantage of PPA’s insurance options, you can focus on what you do best: capturing moments that last a lifetime. For more information on PPA's insurance and protection benefits, or to tailor a plan to your needs, reach out to [email protected].


Protect your gear, secure your peace of mind, and let your creativity soar!