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August 25, 2017

Great Shots of the Eclipse, Ways to Utilize Online Forms, and Get More Clients with Marketing SEO: Our Top Blog Posts for the Week of August 21-25!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Weekly_Top_Ten_Excited - Copy.jpgCan you believe August is almost over? Where did summer go? As you prepare for the next season, take some time to relax and check out our top ten blog posts of the week!

 Get More Photography Clients with Marketing SEO

MARKETING/SEO: Creating an online presence for your business goes way beyond just making a website. An integral aspect of it is optimizing your websites for search engines (SEO). Learn how you can get your studio's name to appear far up in a search results page with this article on PPA Today.

7 Ways Photographers Can Utilize Online Forms

ONLINE FORMS: Online forms are becoming quite popular in the business world today, as they have been found to be both convenient and effective. Learn 7 ways you can use online forms to enhance your photography business in this article.

A Look at the Most Iconic Film Cameras of all Time

CAMERAS: Despite the advancements in technology as regards to photography, there are some film cameras we just can't forget. This article takes you down memory lane, highlighting cameras that stood out throughout history.

Great Piece on Robert Davidson's 'Lost Negatives' Exhibition:

After 50 years, photographer Robert Davidson finally gets back the negatives of the famous pictures of Frank Zappa. Read the full story in this article.

Great Shots of the Eclipse

ECLIPSE: The anticipated solar eclipse has come and gone, but we can't get enough of the images captured during the magical moment. Check out these great shots of the eclipse on PetaPixel.

How to Try Infrared Photography without Modifying Your Camera

INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY: If you have ever wondered if you can shoot infrared photos without converting your camera, according to this article, you can. Find out how in this post from PetaPixel.

Worry About the Story Because Your Camera Is Fine

STORY: Find out why you shouldn't put your photography on hold till you get that one piece of gear that everyone's been talking about in this post from Fstoppers.  

Register for Super 1 Day Photography Workshops!

SUPER 1 DAY: This year's Fall Super 1 Day registration is now open! So if you are a photographer looking to enhance your skills and grow your business, this article on PPA Today has information on how you can register today!

Can Photography Distract You from Actually Enjoying the Moment?

The question of whether it is possible to capture and savor a moment at the same time is still an ongoing debate. Backed with research, this author's views on the subject may get you thinking. 

10 Quick Ways to Stay Sane and Productive as a Freelance Photographer

TIPS: While the flexibility that comes with being a freelancer is quite attractive, regulating one's workload such that they don't work too much or too little can be challenging. The author of this article gives ten tips on how freelance photographers can make the most of their time without overworking themselves.

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Mayo Lawal is a Marketing and Communications Intern at Professional Photographers of America (PPA)